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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The purpose of education..

Sometimes we think that, excellent in exam is important for us... yeah.. i can't deny that... but do we know.. the real purpose of the education is? In my opinion, education is the method to make someone becomes more matured. The reason is, through the education we will face many problem that require us to THINK!!! ... so the impact from this, it will develop our brain to make wiser decision in problem solving....

Hurm... base from my experience, when we are in the working atmosphere, it's totally different with student life atmosphere. We would face different people to work with and also to solve the real problem that we never expect before. ( not in the text book la...) haha...

So I think, when we are still as student we should KNOW what we are studying and not just try to push all the information into our head.. =)

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