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Monday, February 28, 2011

What should university students do when they find the school system retained themselves rote learning habit?

Here i would like to share from my experience and also from my reading..

For me...We can't always blaming the school system in Malaysia for what is happening in university student  right now...

What can i say  about Malaysia education system is we start learning with general basic knowledge in kindergarten school then we proceed to primary school which include several subject  such as history, geography, mathematics, science, & others.  Then we proceed to select the discipline that we want to study, either science stream, technical science and also accounting (during form 4). Then, after finish SPM or matriculation we will take course that we are going to study or specialize with.

Base from my explanation above, we can see that the education system in Malaysia is something like pyramid. We start from the basement of the pyramid which covering wide general knowledge until at the tip of the pyramid which more focused and detailed that require high level of knowledge..

As an university students, I think that this our time to expand and feel the knowledge of ourself with our Mechanical Engineering field. This is because, we are not in schooling condition anymore and we can’t continously retained the rote learning habit only...

I am not saying that rote learning habit (RLH) is not good for us, from my reading this method is more crucial during our foundation of studies which less using critical thinking (kindergaten or primary school) which it could make us learning quickly( pyramid basement). But... After that, I would like to encourage all of us to practicise meaningful learning.  Meaningful learning is study skill that require us to relate or interconnected the input that we gain in the rote learning habit to make the input store well organized in our Brain!! For example, we try to relate the input that we have gain to the environment near us..

By using this method, it could stimulate our brain to learn fast especially subject that require analysing and criticalthinking. During problem solving, we can access this memory efficiently because it is well organise in our Brains...

Return back to the question, what could i say is as an university students we need to appreciate every knowledge that we have gain either in class or out from class. It is because, through appreciation of knowledge we will be able to learn the knowledge deeply and enthusiastically.

The activity that we can do to stimulate our learning is by doing. For example, I am encourage all my friends doing visit to company related to our mechanical engineering field. It could be even better if we try to take oppurtunity to do industrial attachment unofficially during our semester break rather than we are being couch potato at home. 

By doing that, we could feel the importance of the knowledge that we need to study and we will start to appreciate every single knowledge that we have gained and it is not impossible if we could invent something that useful to the other people base from our passion in education..  J Make learning continues... 


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